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Inauguration ceremony of DEKKO Plastic Factory

11/10/2017 14:34

On May 18, 2004, DEKKO Investment and Development Joint Stock Company celebrated the inauguration of PPR, uPVC and PEHD plastic pipe and fittings factory at Km 23 + 700, National Road 5, belonging to commune History, My Hao District, Hung Yen Province.

This second factory of DEKKO Company with synchronous modern production line of the Republic of Austria, Germany, is one of the most modern factories in Southeast Asia today. Putting into operation of this plant, DEKKO Company has increased its production capacity of plastic pipe and accessories 3 times more than before.

The plant was started in March, 1515 and was put into operation in March 2016. The factory building area of ​​the new factory is 20.000m2 on the total area of ​​40.000m2.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc - General Director of DEKKO Plastic Factory said

- Phase 1 with an investment capital of $ 15 million. With more than 40 modern machines imported from Germany and Austria. The chains have a feed system and automatic product pickup. The current design capacity is 33,000 tons of product per year

- Phase 2 when the plant is full of machinery and equipment, the total investment capital is estimated at 40 million USD, designed capacity will be 132,000 tons per year.

The main products of the factory supply to the market:

- PPR pipes and fittings are diameters from D20mm to D200mm and have production capacity up to D500.

- HDPE pipes and fittings have diameters from D20mm to D1200mm.

- uPVC pipes and fittings are diameters from D21mm to D500mm (including smooth and hot gaskets).

Founded in 1993, DEKKO Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (formerly DEKKO Co., Ltd) is one of the leading companies in supplying water and construction products. Established, prestigious in the market.

The products of the company are manufactured on modern lines of Germany, Austria - According to international standards (ISO, DIN, BS, TCVN) with high quality, durable, beautiful design to meet the needs. bridge of civil and industrial works.

Up to now, DEKKO Investment and Development Joint Stock Company has been involved in manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings for the water industry for more than 10 years. Products of the company with the brand Dekko and the slogan "broken house - pipes are not damaged" has been used by domestic and foreign customers.

Products Dekko has been involved in civil and industrial construction works throughout the country, clean water from urban to rural and mountainous. The company has been developing into Asian market such as Laos, Myanmar

DEKKO Plastic Factory will contribute to creating stable jobs for local laborers, contributing to the economic development of the province as well as the economic growth of Hung Yen.

With the launch and operation of the new factory, DEKKO will continue to meet the requirements of the pipeline needs of good quality, durable and ensure food safety and hygiene with competitive prices. . Since then, DEKKO Company strives to become one of the leading plastic pipe and fittings manufacturers in Vietnam.

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